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Released from Doctor for Competition

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Event: Testing Super Late Model
Location: Hickory Motor Speedway
Date: Friday, January 13,

NEWTON, NC (January 13, 2017) – Super excited to be at Hickory Motor Speedway. Finally got the clearance from the Doctor to get back to competition. We were testing a Super Late Model and it went really well today! I felt comfortable back in the car and the only thing I’ll need to really work on is getting used to long races again. My stamina isn’t as good as it was!! We have a bunch more testing planned though, stay tuned! Thanks for your support!

SEMA Show 2016 Dickies Booth

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Event: SEMA SHOW 2016
Location: Las Vegas
Date: Wednesday, November 2

LAS VEGAS, NV (November 2, 2016) – Ready for the SEMA SHOW here in Las Vegas today! Come see me at the Dickies booth #15019 today from 2:00pm – 3:30pm! I’ll be at the show all day hanging out too! So if you’re at SEMA 2016 and you see me, be sure to stop me for 25% off http://www.dickiesautomotive.com  I’m easily recognizable today!

While at the Dr Office today

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CHARLOTTE, NC (October 4, 2016) – Doing so much better, NASCAR referred me to a great Dr and Cameron Newton was there today!! Not going to lie he made my heart flutter!! He is such a sweetheart to stop to meet me and take a picture! I’m feeling so much better thanks to everyone for the well wishes.

So this happened at the Kentucky Speedway

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Race: Crosley 150
Location: Kentucky Speedway
Date: Saturday, September 24
TV Broadcast: FOX SPORTS, September 24

DENVER, NC (September 26, 2016) – So this happened… Big hit, hardest one I’ve had thusfar. Glad to say I walked away from it and am doing really well today. Thanks to everyone who sent their support and BIG thanks to Kentucy Speedway for installing safer barriers all around the race track. I am confident I feel as good as I do today because of that. Thank you

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