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Really had a good run yesterday at Southern National Motorsports Park!

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Location: Lucama, NC
Date: Sunday, July 30

LUCAMA, NC (July 30, 2017) – Really had a good run yesterday at Southern National Motorsports Park finished 9th. Cautions didn’t fall our way early and we lost a lap we couldn’t get back, but the crate motor did exactly what it was supposed to at the end of the race. Was running in 5th position on the track running really competitive lap times at the end. Just needed our lap back to capitalize on it. This was a big test for this motor and car for its next race, the Oxford 250, and it ran great. Really proud of my team and looking forward to having our big motor for South Boston Speedway in a few weeks.

Canadian racer Sarah Cornett-Ching views Southern National Motorsports Park as her home track in the United States

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Location: Lucama, NC
Date: Wednesday, July 26

by Andy Marquis on snmpark.com

LUCAMA, NC (July 26, 2017)– Canadian racer Sarah Cornett-Ching views Southern National Motorsports Park as her home track in the United States, and she is excited to be heading back to the 4/10-mile track on Saturday night when the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Super Late Model tour invades.

Saturday’s race at Southern National will be the first start in a race since May for the 24-year-old from the British Columbia city of Penticton. The 150-lap race also comes at her favorite track during her favorite time of the year.

“If you followed any of my social media stuff, the last time we raced was Caraway in May, the last time I ran a race,” Cornett-Ching said. “In that sense, it’s more excitement to be back in the car. But, as well as that, Southern National is my favorite track. I have more laps there than anywhere else. We had a good run there last time. The heat this time, with it being so much hotter, it will play to our favor running the crate motor. I’m just excited to be back in the car running a race and it’s my favorite track, one I feel I have the best advantage at.

“I feel like Southern National is my home track in this area and I always look forward to seeing all the fans here.”

Along with having a lot of laps at Southern National, Cornett-Ching has also conditioned herself to be as sharp as a razor’s edge in the hottest and most brutal conditions. Focusing on endurance has been something she has placed extra emphasis on for much of her racing career.

“We still work on conditioning,” Cornett-Ching remarked. “We actually tested at Dillon just a few days ago and it was over 100 degrees that day. We tested for about 150 laps or something like that, and you don’t ever feel well when you get out of the car when it’s that hot but the more you do it, the more you get used to it and the better you are at handling it. Ultimately, it’s the end of the race that counts so, if you feel like crap and you can’t focus, you’re not going to finish well. If you feel good and are used to the heat, you have an advantage so that’s kind of the mindset.”

Now, she feels she is as sharp as she’s ever been and as focused as possible after being sidelined late last year. Last September, she suffered a concussion after a notable crash in an ARCA Racing Series race at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky and was forced to the sidelines for several months before making her return to racing earlier this year in the PASS South Super Late Model Tour.

“As far as mental focus and driving the racecar, I’m 100 percent now,” Cornett-Ching explained. “I do still notice like, if I’m in the car, it’s hot which it usually always is and I’m racing at a bumpy track, the bumps might give me a slight headache so there are small kind of things that still happen that are kind of strange. As far as being in the car and all that stuff, I’m 100 percent and I feel like I’m better than before. More laps, more experience. So, I don’t feel like anything from the concussion is hindering me anymore.”

The PASS South series features a good mix of veterans and younger drivers, but not many have the experience Cornett-Ching has. In the ARCA Racing Series, Cornett-Ching has raced at a variety of tracks, including superspeedways like Daytona and Pocono, the road course at New Jersey Motorsports Park, short tracks such as the high banked Winchester Speedway and even dirt tracks in Illinois.

While the differences between the NASCAR-style cars in the ARCA Series and the Super Late Models in PASS are significant, Cornett-Ching feels her experience on bigger tracks in ARCA does help to some degree.

“I don’t feel that there’s a lot that carries over as far as technical things in the car but going 200 miles an hour at some of those bigger tracks and feeling the car and I’ve wrecked at a few of them puts things in perspective and allows you to be more aggressive in a Super Late Model,” she added. “I think that, you know, if you had jumped from a four-cylinder car to a Super Late Model, you would be out of your element and intimated. Having that experience gives me more confidence but how they drive is not similar at all.”

After her sixth place finish in the Dogwood 300 PASS race back in March, Cornett-Ching has raised the bar on what her expectations are for the Southern National 150 on Saturday night.

“Realistically I feel like we should come away with a top-five,” Cornett-Ching commented. “Anything better is a bonus and anything worse, we’ll re-evaluate and see what went wrong but I do feel like we should finish in the top-five.”

Sarah Cornett-Ching will compete in the 150 lap PASS South Super Late Model race. The PASS series will be joined by the Mid-Atlantic Street Stocks (MASS) Championship Series for a 50-lap dash.

Thank You Andy!

PASS at Oxford Plains Speedway

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Location: Oxford, ME
Date: Friday, June 30,

Oxford, ME (June 30, 2017) – Here’s the schedule for this weekends Pro All Stars Series race at Oxford Plains Speedway
It’s early, but we’ve worked hard, we’re ready and we’re on the way!

(Updated) Race was rained out and postponed until July 2nd

Had a superb race at Caraway Speedway

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Location: Sophia, NC
Date: Saturday, May 6,

SOPHIA, NC (May 6, 2017) – Had a superb race at Caraway Speedway last night, we were the only crate motor so we had to play a long race strategy and Tony had the car rotating and driving awesome. We crossed the line 5th on the white flag lap digging on the outside and got moved up in turn 1 and ultimately ended up 7th. I’m super proud of everyone on this team, Corey Blevins Tony Blanchard and Lloyd Garner thank you for your help! Pro All Stars Series

Race Time Radio! Joe and Co-host Jason Thom

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Location: Denver, NC
Date: Tuesday, April 25,

Denver, NC (April 25, 2017) – Thank you Phil, it meant a lot to me when I saw this post! It was very nice to meet you, and I’m really looking forward to the 300 this weekend at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway


Phil Whipple
April 24 at 12:12pm ·

LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Just listened to the excellent interview with Sarah Cornett-Ching on last night’s edition of Race Time Radio! Joe and Co-host Jason Thom discussed the Speedway Homes 150 with Sarah and her plans to run the full PASS South series in 2017 along with several North shows. The girl remains upbeat at all times; she knew yesterday would be a challenge. Hell, I know guys who’ve run Oxford for YEARS and still struggle. Audio link here, my friends: http://racetimeradio.com/index_htm_fil…/RTRApril23rd2017.mp3