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Had a Blast at Thompson Speedway

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Location: Thompson Speedway
Date: Sunday, April 9,

Thompson CT (April 9 2017) – Had a blast at Thompson yesterday, unfortunately during the heat race the motor stumbled and wasn’t running properly. Problems in the valve train took us out for today’s race, but Dan Collins did a great job spotting for me and I am so looking forward to the upcoming Pro All Stars Series races at Oxford Plains Speedway and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway

It’s refreshing to have competitors willing to help you and do whatever you need to make things happen. Feeling blessed for all the opportunities I’ve had and feeling grateful to be racing where I am now.
Easter Bunny this weekend Hickory Motor Speedway on the #roadtotheOxford250



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Location: On the way to Connecticut
Date: Thursday, April 6,
Written by:  RACE 101

Denver NC (April 5 2017) – The opening race of the Pro All Star Series North was set to take place last weekend, but instead the race track was blasted with 8″ of snow.

Appropriately named, the annual Icebreaker race was rescheduled for this weekend at Thompson Speedway in Connecticut. Race 101 will field a car for Sarah to compete in the National Championship race this Sunday.The team had to change a few things about their car to meet the rules for the Icebreaker said Sarah.

“We had to change around the exhaust and run it out underneath the car instead of out the side along with installing a muffler. The track also mandates a 2 barrel carburetor instead of the 4 barrel we usually use.”

It will be a first for Sarah in many ways, not only her first trip to Thompson Speedway but first time to the state of Connecticut as well.

“I enjoy getting to see new places through racing and I’m looking forward to trying to see as much as I can while I’m there. The track itself looks like it will be a lot of fun. Ive been told it’s a very fast 5/8 with banking, so I’m excited.”

There is also a change in the procedure of race day in these North races that Sarah thinks will suit her driving well.

“They don’t do single car qualifying like we do down here.” She explained “It’s a heat race that determines where you start in the race. You draw a number for where you start in the heat race and then race for your starting spot in the main event.”

Follow along throughout the Icebreaker weekend with updates from the PASS Facebook page and as always with Sarah’s social media.

Photo Credit: Andy Marquis

Sarah and Race 101 Team up With Barber’s Seasoning Salt For The Upcoming Winter Meltdown at Dillon Motor Speedway

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Location: Dillon Motor Speedway
Date: Tuesday, January 31,

DENVER, NC (January 31, 2017) – After four months of sitting out due to a concussion from a vicious wreck in the ARCA Racing Series at Kentucky Speedway Sept 23 2016, Sarah has announced she will be back in the race car for competition for the first time Feb 4th 2017 at the PASS Winter Meltdown at Dillon Motor Speedway.
Sarah is also excited to be teaming up with Barber’s Seasoning Salt for her first race back in competition. “It’s important to be able to represent products that you use and love, that has always been my philosophy and I LOVE Barber’s on my french fries!”

Sarah’s Corner:
The process of coming back from the wreck at Kentucky has been one of the toughest things I have been through as a setback in my racing career thus far. It has been such a slow process and a frustrating ordeal that I am more grateful for my health now than I have ever been.
This PASS race at Dillon is one I am looking forward to more than I can remember in a longtime, there is a huge sense of excitement and it will be 200 laps of entertainment for the fans. I think it will be a great test of my stamina and a chance to see how I feel at the end of a long race.

About Barber’s Seasoning Salt:
Barber’s Seasoning Salt was started by Jim Barber in 1986. It has become a staple in Eastern NC cooking and its mouth watering flavor is great on BBQ, burgers, fish, wild game and Sarah’s favorite on her french fries! Come out to watch the racing at Dillon Motor Speedway Feb 4th and sample some yourself!


First Race Back

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Location: Dillon Motor Speedway
Date: Wednesday, January 25,

DENVER, NC (January 25, 2017) – Very excited for my first race back!!!!! It’s just over a week until the PASS Super Late Models hit Dillon for 200 laps in the Original Winter Meltdown. No gimmicks, just racing!

Released from Doctor for Competition

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Event: Testing Super Late Model
Location: Hickory Motor Speedway
Date: Friday, January 13,

NEWTON, NC (January 13, 2017) – Super excited to be at Hickory Motor Speedway. Finally got the clearance from the Doctor to get back to competition. We were testing a Super Late Model and it went really well today! I felt comfortable back in the car and the only thing I’ll need to really work on is getting used to long races again. My stamina isn’t as good as it was!! We have a bunch more testing planned though, stay tuned! Thanks for your support!