Race Used Sheet Metal (Small)


Own a real piece of Sarah’s ARCA and NASCAR Series racecars! Not everyone has the room to display a hood, side, roof, etc. from a full-size racecar, but don’t let that be a hindrance to owning a part of history from your favorite driver’s racing career. We’re offering small, cut-to-size pieces from Sarah’s racecars for fans to have for their personal collections. Each piece is signed by Sarah and is guaranteed to be a race-used part.

Please note, there is no guarantee as to what part of a car you will receive as it will depend on current inventory once your order is placed. Common pieces for small sheet metal include B-pillars (back of driver’s window), sections of quarterpanel, sections of door or fender, along with roll bar padding or other similar, small pieces of racecars. Dimensions listed on this item are an average approximation  and will vary between pieces.

CAUTION: These are real fragments and pieces of steel, aluminum and other materials. While edges, welds, and other sharp edges are often taped for safety prior to shipping, the purchaser is responsible for any cuts, slices or injuries resulting from these race-used pieces. Please handle each piece carefully to avoid injury. 

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 3 in


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